On a trip with friends or on a dangerous moments with a chick or by yourself, You always need a knife, precisely a proper folding knife .

Since the dawn of man, our ancestors have used knives for a lot of tasks, from hunting to eating. Today There is no difference. After all, manual cutting tasks still need to get done, And self defense too.

Today I’ll explain to you why you should always carry a knife. So let’s get started,

1. Eating : 

Obviously a knife is also going to come in handy for slicing fruits, cutting a sandwich Doing the job of a fork when you don’t have one. An always sharpened knife you’ll ever encounter at a restaurant. Instead of hacking through a steak with a butter knife, making fingernails-on-chalkboard sounds when you hit the plate, simply carrying your own, always-sharpened knife in your pocket can make eating out a more enjoyable experience.

2. Emergency Window Punch : 

at a moment like that in the picture above you don’t have time to call 911 you need to help the driver as fast as you can ! and punching the window is the only solution you have.

 While leaving a biker bar up in the mountains, some idiot who’d been slamming whiskey all day rolled his “good truck” off a 50-foot cliff. I pulled up a few minutes after it happened and was the only person on-scene prepared to respond. I did that by shouting at the gawking bystanders to call 911, then climbed down the cliff and used my knife to smash his window, then cut him free of his seatbelt. He lived, but had a hard time learning to think of his good truck in the past tense.

3. Self defence : 

That’s why almost people carry knives, just for protection, The knife it’s one of the best personal protection tool. I was recently asked why I’m so quick to recommend a knife, not a gun, as a primary personal-protection tool. So here are some general reasons why I recommend a knife :


    • Knives are easy to find and purchase
    • Knives can be carried almost everywhere.
    • Small knives are convenient to carry and conceal.
    • More than one knife can be carried easily.
    • A knife or object/improvised tool is possibly the most common tool found in our everyday environments — at work and at home.
    • Local laws do not require a permit to own and carry a small knife.
    • Knife applications can be easily adapted to improvised tools or nearly any firm pointed object.
    • A small knife can be “palmed” or “indexed” covertly much more easily than a handgun, and a knife-like object or improvised pointed tool can be carried openly without drawing attention — for example, a pen or screwdriver
    • A knife doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of ballistic overpenetration and clearing your background prior to application.
    • Knives are easy to access and apply in confined spaces due to their small size.

Conclusion :

In the end I want to tell you that if you do not yet carry a knife, go out now and buy it.

– Patrick J.

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