As I said before : The following rules are an insight of my own personal experiences , in general they should be followed but sometimes in life there are exceptions to rules .

So let’s continue and finish the rest of rules

RULE 8 :

If a woman disrespects you or your time, don’t hesitate to get rid of her.

RULE 9 :

There is no such thing as a “soulmate” or “the one”. It doesn’t exist. There are millions of girls out there,and many of them have the traits you’re looking for.

RULE 10 :

The challenge is part of the fun.Let her pursue you. The harder something is to obtain, the more valuable it is perceived to be.

Conclusion : 

Those rules are from my own experience, but always remember after training you’ll find alone new rules to follow . See you next time players.

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–  Prince

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