Greeting gentlemen , you know that feeling when you’re out at the bar , the club or just walking down the street and you see an amazing woman, a bombshell one that make your inner Tarzan scream ; She could be drop-dead gorgeous. But before you make the move, you get nervous , your heart beats like crazy ,and then when you act( if you act ) you forget what to say , you start mumbling , your trying your best not to ridiculize your poor ass , but end up screwing it all up  . Luckily for you I was like you before and I got used to that feeling so I’ll make it short and easy for you cause I love you reader so that you can pick up as much women as you want . So keep reading man and follow us if you want to keep evolving …. Let’s get started :

1/ Build self-confidence

Self-confidence is the very first thing to build , it’s not only needed in the male-female interaction but is the essence of being a man whether it’s in the gym or in the corporate world hell even in the street it’s needed . I’ll write a specific article about it soon so stay tuned … for now

some simple exercises to build it up:
•Talking to yourself ;ask yourself why you are afraid from girls ? And what can happen if you talk to a girl ?

•stand in front of a mirror and say :  I can pick up any girl , any chick in this world!

Say it again and again.. 20 times ! it’s a classic yet very efficient exercise

2/ Dress well :

You can’t pickup a woman or a girl without being well dressed, you  don’t need fancy watches or designer clothes

You can look and dress like a hollywood star on a budget:

-Cool Button up shirts : 50$


-Cool jean : 40$ or less


-Simple men shoes : 50$

-A simple belt : 20$

-Classic cool watch : 30$

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3/ Choose a good opener :

Always choose an appropriate opener for where you are

Some examples of openers to use !

  • In the street :

 “I have to get to a meeting that’s going to change my life, but I think you’re gonna change it, too. Let me have your number, I’ll call you later and we’ll see if I’m right.”

  • In a Bar or a party : 

Imagine a woman in a party after being approached by 10 guys, all of them praising it’s beauty, being nice and buying drinks. That makes her really borred. Then comes the eleventh guy and says something funny,  making a joke about her hair or nails. This is not what she expects of people’s behaviors, and this is a powerful weapon, so that she will be guessing why you didn’t struck by her beauty like the rest of .

Conclusion :

Always be confident , Even if you get rejected its not that big of a deal It’s an essential part of the gam plus it’s only there to sharpen your skills , a man that approach 1000 woman get rejected by 900 still banged 100 and had gathered more confidence than most men out there.

 Patrick J.

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